Injection moulding
Project, construction, testing moulds
We produce upon order and according to the customer’s project and specs by means of injection moulding of thermoplastics.

Thanks to years of experience we have developed a great know-how in the processing of raw materials needed to create different products in several finishes: tortoise, faux wood, glitters, veined.

We use a wide range of thermoplastic products, but our customers favourite is the quality of finished articles moulded with transparent polycarbonate (PC),
methacrylate (PMMA), polystyrene (PS), thermoplastic rubber glass of excellent quality (SEBS, TVP).

To date the production department uses a range of presses, some of which are equipped with manipulators for the drawing of pieces, that can develop a closure force of 95 to 350 tons to mould a maximum of 1200 grams.

The imprint of craft guarantee careful control at every stage of the process. Flexibility meets the demands of customers from the time of delivery lots of production.